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Fund Manager  Specials
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The Funds Manager

          Client profiles, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, filtering and graphing of data.
          User defined funds, notes, historical note taking, Password protection of data.
          Integrates with Internet Explorer and Netscape for cut and paste and parsing.
          Printing of  reports of client portfolio as a whole and/or individual based.
          Total deposits and Total Funds reports.
          Internet based on-line update system of application.
          Designed for new updates daily from the web.
          The data is on your machine, not somebody else's server!
          Web Updater system for new/changed forms, reports and improvements.

Denture Assistant   Special
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The Denture Assistant
            Denture Billing and History System

Some Features:
        Client demographic details, medical and dental information
        Customer invoicing, notes and instructions.
        Total billings and client histories.
        Digital Camera ready for
        Daily data transfer to Quickbooks 6 (iff format)
        Web Updater system for new/changed forms, reports and improvements.

The Exam Manager

Some Features:
        Database of multiple choice questions /answers (k and single best).
        True and False sets, Short Answer, Essay.
        Printing of exam, randomize order of questions.
        Historical tracking of performance of questions.
        Password protected database with timers.

Future Features:
        Student performance tracking against questions
        Web system updating tools
        Web database of questions for paid subscribers.

Hardware Requirements for all packages:
Windows 98  (Pentium 100, 32 Mb of ram, free disk space of 50 Mb)
Y2K based software (your Windows must be set to handle the date with 4 digits)
Full E-mail support and update notices (possible mailing list group to be setup)
Custom programming available.
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